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Services We Provide

THE TURF COMPANY offers water conservation landscaping and renovation services for parks, golf courses, sports fields, and commercial sites.


Veterans Administration /LADWP Water Conservation Project 2010
Phase 1, 7.5-acre Healing Garden

From demolition of existing turf through final installation of sod and/or plants and grasses, these services are available individually, or as a package.

  • Water Conservation Landscaping We can provide the right plant palette to meet the water conservation needs of our customers, from specification through irrigation redesign, and implementation of turf eradication, irrigation, planting, and mulching.

The Turf Company has converted 64 acres of incidental turf to low-water and native plantings since 2009.


Veterans Administration, West Los Angeles Water Conservation Conversion Healing Garden, 1 year later

  • Turf Renovation Services Our process begins after the old, existing turf has been eradicated, usually a 7-10 day process. We grind the dead turf into the soil profile (eliminating land-fill debris) and, at the same time, incorporate the customer-specified soil amendments. We use a specially-geared asphalt grinder which grinds up to a depth of 8", and produces a consistent grind. Once the soil is prepped, we grade or laser level to customer specifications.

The Turf Company is a Southern California leader in large-scale turf installation since 1999.


La Paz Middle School, Saddleback School District, Orange County, CA Sport Field Renovation

  • Big Roll Sod Installation   We provide and install big roll sod to customer specifications, regularly installing one acre or more per day. Our long-term and high-volume relationships with the leading sod farms in Southern California provide a tangible benefit that our customers realize in price, delivery and quality guarantees.