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About The Turf Company

Who We Are

THE TURF COMPANY was started in 1998 to provide large scale turf installation services such as those for sports fields, golf courses and parks. Within a few years we expanded our services to include full turf renovation services, and now provide turf removal and replacement with low-water and native plantings to meet the water conservation concerns of today.

What We Do

City of Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villaragosa presenting Certificate of Appreciation to John Young, President of The Turf Company, at the Reopening of City Hall Park,
July 17, 2012

THE TURF COMPANY offers the highest quality water conservation landscaping and turf renovation services for parks, golf courses, sports fields, and commercial sites. From demolition of existing turf through final installation of sod and/or drought-tolerant plants and grasses, these services are available individually, or as a package.

What's New

THE TURF COMPANY was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for its role in restoring City Hall Park. The 1.7-acre park was re-landscaped with native and drought-tolerant plantings.

Water Conservation Landscaping The Turf Company has converted 64 acres of incidental turf to low-water and native plantings since late 2009.